Secure, branded access to

your staff directory & CRM

Read-only access
to your system

Both the web based admin site and the apps are read only. We treat your directory service as the single source of truth. Whatever method you choose to connect with (LDAP, EWS, GD etc) ContactApp reads what it’s given, never writes back. The mobile apps only ever access the data on our system, there is no direct connection back to your service.


Secure & Fast Access
with Microsoft Azure

Our service is hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the worlds most robust and scalable cloud hosting services. Meaning no lag, wherever you are in the world. Our apps and web interfaces run over secure, encrypted connections, to keep your data safe at all times.

Always up to date,
secure caching

You can choose how often ContactApp pings your directory service for updates. ContactApp caches your staff details in our system for three days. So that if your system goes down, contacts are still available. If the connection to your system breaks, ContactApp automatically sends you an email to let you know. If the connection is not repaired within three days you’ll automatically be sent another email and your staff details will be deleted until the connection is re-instated.


Regular third party audits and inspections

Our security is regularly reviewed and audited by external specialists. This gives independent confirmation that the way we build software is secure.

Mobile access to your
Staff Directory & CRM


 Secure, branded

access to your staff

 directory & CRM

Mobile access to your
Staff Directory & CRM